No-Cost Extension Request





·      PLAN AHEAD:  Sponsor required lead-time ranges from several days to several months. 

·      IDENTIFY your project clearly, e.g., title, sponsor grant number, PeopleSoft project number

·      JUSTIFY your request in a way that will satisfy sponsor requirements.

·      PREPARE and SUBMIT your request online in PARS.  Log into PARS and select the “Request a Project Extension” option.

·      PRINT a copy of the request for your records.

·      CONTACT Shannon Johnson 581-1476 with questions.  We will contact you if we need more information and will let you know when the request is approved or not approved.


Q.  What is a no-cost extension?

            Sponsors expect principal investigators to complete all requirements of an award by the termination date listed in the award document.  Many sponsors will provide additional time by approving your request for a "no-cost extension."   On rare occasions, the terms and conditions of an award specify that no-cost extension may not be submitted.   


Q.  How do I apply for a no-cost extension?

Submit a request to ORSP via PARS.  Use the information below to help you meet sponsor requirements.  We may need to ask you to follow up with a hard copy, signed letter if the sponsor requires it.  Most sponsors do not. 


Q.  What information will I need to include in my request?

·      Relevant information that identifies your project:  title, grant number, account number, and the current project termination date.

·      The extended termination date (month/day/year) you are requesting.  See note below about the maximum time a sponsor will allow.

·      Justification--reasons you need an extension. See guidelines below for help.


Q.  Do I need to get approval from or notify my Dean or Vice President of the request?

            ORSP does not monitor dean or vice president approvals on no-cost extensions.  Please ask your dean and/or vice president about their requirements regarding no-cost extension requests.


Q.  Would I save time if I sent my request directly to the sponsor?

            No.  In fact, your request may be set aside or delayed since most sponsors will not review requests before they have been endorsed by the University's authorized administrative official.  


Q.  Do I need to refer to my award document and its attachments?

            It's a good idea to do that since it's the easiest way to find out if your sponsor will consider a request and to learn about any special sponsor requirements.  If your award agreement does not address no-cost extensions, assume you may submit a request and follow the general guidelines provided here.  Sometimes sponsor guidelines, available on the internet, can be of help as well. 


Q.  How do I find out the current termination date of my project?

            There are several ways to confirm the date: 

·         Review your award document

·         Look at the "termination date" indicated on the PeopleSoft GL Inquiry screen for your project number

·         Call ORSP (Shannon Johnson 581-1476).


Q.  How long of an extension can I request?

            Sponsor rules vary.  Some federal sponsors allow an extension of up to 12 months beyond the current termination date.  Other sponsors will consider shorter or longer time periods oftentimes determined by the reasons you indicated for needing an extension. 


Q.  What justification (reasons) are sponsors likely to accept?

            Here are some examples of justifications most sponsors would accept:

·      additional time to assure completion of the original approved project scope and objectives, e.g.,

o   to conduct additional testing to validate unexpected research findings

o   to repeat tests to obtain results lost in a campus building fire

·      lack of success in locating a graduate student with suitable capabilities

·      extensive delay in production or shipment of key equipment or supply items

·      transfer of a key project participant

·      time lost due to illness or accident of a key project participant


Q.  Under what conditions are sponsors likely to deny a request?

            Non-approvals vary from sponsor to sponsor:

·      most sponsors deny requests made merely for the purpose of using remaining funds

·      some federal sponsors may deny extension requests they receive after the termination date

·      the terms and conditions of the award prohibit the extension


Q.  How much lead-time must I allow?

            Lead-times may be listed in the terms and conditions of an award, but sponsor requirements vary. Requests submitted more than 90 days prior to the project termination date may be refused by the sponsor.

·      First-time requests are generally due to sponsors from ORSP 30 days prior to the current termination date of the project.  Please allow an additional week for ORSP to review and process your request. 

·      Any subsequent extension requests, if permitted by the sponsor, are due to the sponsor 60 days prior to the termination date of the project.  Please allow an additional week for ORSP to review and process your request. 


Q.  What happens if my request to the sponsor is late?

            ORSP will do its best to get your request in on time.  If your request is late, however, the sponsor may deny it.  In this event, costs incurred after the termination date would be transferred to the project closing account. 


Q.  Who approves or denies my request for a no-cost extension?

·      Some sponsors allow ORSP to approve or deny requests following sponsor-defined guidelines.  For requests ORSP approves, the sponsor may require ORSP to subsequently send a copy of the request to the sponsor.

·      Other sponsors require ORSP to submit requests to the sponsor for a decision.  Before considering a request, sponsors look for endorsement by the University's authorized administrative official. 


Q.  How will I know if my request has been approved?

·      For requests that ORSP is authorized to approve, we will send you a copy of the notice we send to the sponsor indicating we have approved the request.  The notice will include the revised termination date.

·      For requests that require a decision by the sponsor, we will send you a copy of the request we submit to the sponsor.  We will also notify you when we receive the sponsor's decision.

·      Sometimes sponsors send notification to principal investigators and bypass ORSP.  If you receive notification directly from the sponsor, please forward a copy to ORSP so that we can update the termination date on your account and in your project file.


Q.  After my no-cost extension request is approved, may I spend the funds remaining in my account?

            Yes.  All remaining funds can be used for project purposes provided liquidation occurs before the extended termination date.  The term "no-cost" is sometimes misinterpreted.  It does not mean you cannot spend during the extension period.  It means you have requested additional time beyond the original termination date of the project without having received any additional funding.


Q.  May I request additional funds in my no-cost extension request?

            No.  Sponsors have separate processes for requesting additional funds.  Contact ORSP Pre-Award for information about requesting additional funds. 


Q.  Can I submit a request for a SECOND no-cost extension?

            Some federal sponsors may not consider a request for a second extension.  When a second request is allowed, it requires direct review by the sponsor and a lead-time of approximately 60 days prior to the project termination date.   Consult the terms and conditions of your award agreement, sponsor guidelines, or contact ORSP for guidance. Please note that second requests always require more detailed justification than first requests.


Q.  Who can help me if I have questions?

            Please visit with Shannon Johnson at 581-1476.