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ORA Proposal Submission Policy & Timeline full version (pdf)

ASAP:          Notice of Intent submitted through PARS. Click here to log in to PARS and complete a notice of intent.

15 days*:      Draft budget, justification, abstract. Click here to download the latest copy of the ORA Budget Spreadsheet (Excel)

10 days:        PARS Routing initiated with ORA approved budget and justification if proposal has cost sharing OR total value over $2 million.

                       You may want to allow some extra processing time if your budget is > $2 million or has significant match.

5 days:         Working draft of all package forms and attachments; narrative not required.

   Final budget approved and PARS routing initiated for all proposals.  You may want to allow some extra processing time if your budget is >$2millon or has significant match.

   Completed sub forms, if applicable.

2 days:         FINAL proposal package (including final narrative,) for submission. PARS fully approved.  No changes may be made to the proposal package after this point.

ORA will request Dean/ Center Director approval to submit any proposal for which ORA has not approved a final budget AND received a draft package at least 5 days prior to the sponsor deadline. 

ORA cannot guarantee a thorough review for proposals that miss this timeline date.

* Note that “days” means “business days prior to sponsor deadline”.  Documents must be received by ORA by 9am on the timeline date to be considered “on time”.

Enter your proposal deadline date and click the Display Timeline button to show the dates when specific parts of your proposal are due at ORA                   

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